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Timothy Forester brings you over five decades of expertise straight from the heart of Oregon. Whether it’s custom dining tables, baptismal fonts, metal sculptures, or beyond, every piece is a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and a profound respect for materials.


The Crafted Legacy of Timothy Forester

For over 50 years, Timothy Forester has breathed life into wood and metal, creating pieces that are as much a testament to the beauty of nature as they are to human artistry. Tim’s journey in the realm of the artisan began with a mentorship under Master Sculptor Louis Pearson, leading to his first commission in 1968—a stainless steel baptismal font that still graces Stanford University.

From his rugged upbringing in Glacier Park, Montana, to his present-day atelier in Oregon, Forester’s work embodies:

  • A blend of engineering precision and philosophical insight
  • A mastery over diverse mediums, from bronze and stainless steel to exotic hardwoods
  • A commitment to individuality, with each piece as unique as a drop of rain
  • An understanding of universal forms, from the circle and ellipse to the spiral


Crafting the Extraordinary: The Journey of Timothy Forester.
Under the mentorship of Master Sculptor Louis Pearson, Timothy Forester embarked on his artistic journey back in 1965. His talent was quickly recognized, leading to his first commissioned piece in 1968 – a stainless steel baptismal font for Stanford University’s University Lutheran Chapel.

A quote from his mentor, Louis Pearson, encapsulates the essence of Timothy’s work:

“Tim is an outstanding artist, sculptor, and craftsman.”

Timothy’s artistic vision is rooted in his Montana upbringing, surrounded by the rugged beauty of Glacier Park and the imposing Rocky Mountains. This early connection to nature, combined with a deep understanding of engineering and philosophy cultivated at university, is reflected in his commitment to crafting unique pieces with authority, permanency, and a sensuous unpredictability.

A metal font
His sculptures and furniture reflect an understanding of mathematical and universal forms, with the circle, ellipse, and spiral often taking center stage. He uses negative space, highly polished and patina surfaces, to enhance the interplay of light and form, creating an engaging visual experience.

Timothy elaborates his design process as: “A visualization of a drop of water descending from the heavens, transforming into a celebrated universal form – never to be replicated. This vision evolves into a dimensional structure, reflected in the bronzed geometrical patina of my work.”

Three Geese (aka “Golf Clubs”)
After over 50 years of experience, Timothy continues to evolve his craft, balancing different materials like bronze, tempered glass, and exotic hardwoods. He believes his pieces, especially the baptismal fonts, represent the divergence, convergence, and emergence of form, substance, and life’s spiritual center.

Today, Timothy resides in Madras, Oregon, sharing his life with his creative and talented wife, Susan, originally from the United Kingdom. She is not only a registered nurse but has also partnered with Timothy in building several homes and two office structures, including a ski chalet on Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana. Their architectural inspirations often draw from the rich designs of Cusco, Peru. Their daughter, a testament to the family’s commitment to education, earned her PhD in Environmental Chemistry in 2010 and now teaches as a professor in California. The family also includes two lively “puggles” (a cross between a pug and a beagle), Cooper and Milo, who have a reputation in Madras for encouraging Timothy’s recent artistic ventures. Together, this close-knit family fuels Timothy’s unwavering dedication to his craft.


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